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Staff Bios

In late August of 1999 therewewere made its debut on the World Wide Web. Beginning with a handful of articles the site has evolved into its present form, containing dozens of editorials, an archive of interactive classroom lessons.

The project moved from its small start in Seattle, Washington into a roaming reporter as its creator took to the road, circumnavigating the Indian Ocean in the year 2000. [To see list of countries and times visited click HERE.] Updates were made and the site maintained through various phone lines in: hotels, homes, web cafes, even side-street outlets. During this time the first in-print magazine was produced. Designed on the go, the magazine was sent electronically to Seattle to be published and mailed in September 2000.

Back in Washington State January of 2001 the second in-print magazine was produced. With this the first year of funding ended.

therewewere looks to the future. The site was redesigned for greater ease in the beginning of 2002. All contentent on the site exsists to help aid those interested in cultural understanding.

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