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  therewewere would like to thank our sponsors.

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In-kind Donations

Chris and Peter MacLean

Of course acknowledging people is an easy thing to do; we do it often every day. We buy a soda, we say thank you. Someone opens a door for us, we nod our head. Silent or vocal, thanking people should come naturally.

When I sat down to write this acknowledgment I thought well, I gotta thank my parents. And I think this is a common thought among most acknowledgment-ers. For where would you be without them? My brain then moved onto the next most common thought/s that befalls any such person in such a circumstance: the mind is immediately filled with so many names that it almost instantaneously goes blank, the mouth gaps slightly open and the eyes glaze over. You sit and stare.

Here is a list of those who's help, encouragement and beliefs I'd like to recognize. My parents started the list and the rest follow in no particular order, for, like I said, where would I be without them?

My family
My staff: Bill, Ed, Heather, and Ric
Debbi Lester of Art Access Magazine, my mentor
The support from those in my hometown of Tacoma, WA and beyond
Anyone who ever stepped foot inside 1008 N. Corona
All those I've bumped into since I set out on this journey and those I've yet to hit


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