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This classroom was designed for official therewewere classes. Feel free to brows and test your knowledge. The classroom exists as a teaching tool, if you're interested in answer sheets to the below quizzes please email me at answers@therewewre.com.

 Check the World News:

The therewewere explorers traveled and wrote about their experiences from countries all over the world. To find further information on the current happenings in these places, or to check the facts contained within the articles, begin here.

National news sites:


Classroom Lessons:

To find a lesson click HERE or go to the Lessons link in the navigation bar.

 therewewere Articles:

Cruise through the therewewere articles and discover all about the countries and cultures the authors explored. (Hint: Some of the articles contain some answers to the fact sheets below!) To see the therewewere articles click HERE.

 Fact Sheets:

Here are some fact sheets on the countries the therewewere explorers visited. Fill out the questions, and send an email to answers@therewewre.com to see how you did.



 Special Events/Special Announcements:

Have you dared a friend to eat the entire bottle of hot sauce at a Mexican restaurant? Or to steal all the erasers from the chalk board? Have you shot a rubber band and not gotten caught? Here's the spot for a challenge. We may not ask you to streak the football field at half time but we will dare you to face up to some of our toughest challenges.

Teachers email me at: challenge@therewewere.com for more information

 Conundrum Corner:

New mind benders:

1. Asian questions
2."They speak what in Scotland?"

Let's see how smart you are. Test your wits HERE.


Now, your teacher's going to ask you to do some research. Maybe you'll be in charge of finding the names of ten different Indian dialects or maybe you'll have to find the names of ten-thousand different Indonesian Islands. In any case you'll want to click below to find some help.

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