Travel Itinerary:
Beginning December 27th, 1999 I was off traveling parts of the world for a little over a year. Here's a list of the places I've seen and the dates which I saw them.

December 1999 - January 2001:

 Place Dates
Nepal December 27th - January 7th
India January 7th - February 21th
Pakistan February 21th - March 17th
Iran March 17th - March 20th
Turkey March 20th - April 20th
Syria April 20th - May 2nd
Lebanon  May 2nd - May 14th
Syria May 16th - May 19th
Israel May 19th - June 4th
Jordan June 4th - June 13th
Egypt June 13th - July 28th
Yemen July 28th - August 12th
Australia August 14th - August 21st
New Zealand August 21th - August 28th
Fiji August 28th - September 20th
Malaysia September 21st - October 15th
Thailand October 15th - November 4th
Laos November 4th - November 16th 
Vietnam November 16th - November 27th 
Malaysia November 27th - December 3rd
Philippines December 3rd - December10th
Cambodia December 10th - December 20th
Thailand December 20th - December 24th