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Reed's Travelogue
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Rethinking China Nathaniel Pulsifer Kashgar, China October 1, 1999
It's Japanese to Me Sarah Reed Bargren Narita, Japan December 28, 1999
My New Year's Sarah Reed Bargren Kathmandu, Nepal January 5, 2000
Takinging the Road More Traveled By Erin Edwards Bail, Indonesia January 11, 2000
It's India Time Sarah Reed Bargren Varanasi, India January 17, 2000
Women in India Sarah Reed Bargren Jaipur, India January 27, 2000
Close Encounters of the Lombok Kind Erin Edwards Lombok, Indonesia January 23, 2000
How I made Friends with the Indian Mafia Sarah Reed Bargren Jaipur, India February 3, 2000
Eden Sarah Reed Bargren Pushkar, India February, 11, 2000
(A) PEACH (OF A) COBBLER (or "A Trilogy with Sole") Mark Mattison Delhi, India December 9, 1999
Cape Town, South Africa Doug Lanski Cape Town, South Africa  Spring 1998
Pakistan's apple, cored Sarah Reed Bargren Lahore, Pakistan March 4, 2000
Yeah? Erin Edwards Madras to Varkala, India  February 22, 2000
How I got Deported from Iran Sarah Reed Bargren Tehran, Iran March 31, 2000
Apparent in Konya Sarah Reed Bargren Konya, Turkey April 12, 2000
Time off in Syria Sarah Reed Bargren Damascus, Syria May 1, 2000
Chai-Sky City Erin Edwards Mumbai, India March 16, 2000
LEBANON: It's Normal to be Crazy Sarah Reed Bargren Beirut, Lebanon May 16, 2000
Cruise Culture Doug Manger Pacific Ocean, Central America January 15, 2000
The Palestinian Problem Sarah Reed Bargren Jerusalem, Israel July 5, 2000
Fleeing the Farm: The Zimbabwean Land Crisis Ethan Huff Nelspruit, South Africa July 14, 2000
History's Borders Robyn Kennison Beirut, Lebanon July 26, 2000
Three Days in Goma Andrew Meissner Goma, Congo August 14, 2000
Yemen will Put You on its Head Sarah Reed Bargren Sana'a, Yemen August 15, 2000
MANY FACES OF EASTERN EUROPE: The Failing Hope of Transition Ville Niinisto Helsinki, Finland August 29, 2000
Another Round for Fiji Sarah Reed Bargren Savusavu, Fiji September 14, 2000
The Same but Different: Cultural differences within Penang, Malaysia Sarah Reed Bargren Penang, Malaysia October 11, 2000
Laos:Bombarded Sarah Reed Bargren Pakxe, Laos November 7, 2000
Tibet Online Jake Norton Lhasa, Tibet November 9, 2000
African Summer Camp Ethan Huff Brooklyn Village, South Africa November 14, 2000
"Erap"-tured in the Philippines Sarah Reed Bargren Manila, Philippines December 7, 2000
The Thai Tour Bus of Hospitality Sarah Reed Bargren Chang Mai, Thailand October 29, 2000
Shanghaied, China Sarah Reed Bargren Shanghai, China January 28, 2001
Down from Embobut Hugh Hosman Embobut, Kenya February 23, 2001
Positive Thinking in India Klaus Zech Varanasi, India August 9, 2000
Day One: NGO working in Vietnam Hugh Hosman Dong Ha Town July, 2001
Costa Rica: the Manicured Middleman Alexandra Clement San Jose, Costa Rica July, 2001
Vietnam: This Isn't Kansas Hugh Hosman Dong Ha Town September, 2001

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